Overrated/Underrated with Raj Samani

We’re back with another posting asking InfoSec experts to share their opinion on whether an item is overrated or underrated by the society/profession, relative to how s/he believes it should be rated. This time we’re talking about controversial topics like Machine Learning and Ransomware; and who better to ask than one of the brains behind […]

Overrated/Underrated with Vladimir Jirasek

It is time for another “Overrated/Underrated” and i’m lucky enough to have Vladimir Jirasek share his views on some of Cyber Security’s key technologies and concepts. You probably know Vladimir from his roles at the UK Cloud Security Alliance Chapter, but if not – trust me when i say that he is a true security enthusiast and […]

Overrated/Underrated with J4VV4D

I really like working in Information Security (or Cyber Security if you prefer). It is a fascinating and challenging profession. But i also enjoy the world of economics and am a big fan of NPR Planet Money. Their podcasts are a refreshing change to my usual security podcast rotation. One of my favourite segments is ‘Overrated/Underrated’ where […]

Publication: Economic valuation for information security investment: a systematic literature review

Looks like Information Systems Frontiers – A Journal of Research and Innovation published one of my papers. This one is taking a systematic look at literature related to measuring value of Information Security in organisations. Research on technological aspects of information security risk is a well-established area and familiar territory for most information security professionals. The same […]