Security Threat panel – SC Congress London

Earlier this month I’ve participated a panel discussion at the first SC Congress in London. Brian Brackenborough, Frank Florentine and myself opened the Congress with a discussion on “Inside, outside, upside-down: Staying ahead of the threat, wherever it comes from”. I think it was a worthwhile discussion and i definitively took some great points made by […]

Data breach impact on stock price – The Adobe case

The relationship between security incidents and effect on the affected organisation/equity is a topic that continues to inspire discussions. There are numerous academic papers available (e.g. by Kannan,Rees and Sridhar (2007), Yayla and Hu (2011), Cavusoglu,Mishra and Raghunathan (2004), Campbell et al. (2003), Gatzlaff and McCullough (2010), Garg,Curtis and Halper (2003), Rees and Kannan (2007), Andoh-Baidoo,Amoako-Gyampah […]

IOSCO study – Cyber-crime, securities markets and systemic risk

Earlier this month the IOSCO Research Department and World Federation of Exchanges released a rather interesting working paper on the potentially systemic risk of cyber crime in securities markets. The full paper is available at  The report explores the evolving nature of cyber-crime in securities markets and the threat it poses to the fair and […]

Malware targeting MacOS

Over the last few days several reports of high profile compromises in organisations like Facebook (Protecting People On Facebook), Apple ( Apple says some employee computers were breached by hackers) and most recently Microsoft ( Recent Cyberattacks) were made public with a worrying underlying theme. It appears that online criminals and other adversaries are increasingly […]