Chief Financial Officer – the CISO’s best friend (or why it should be)

I came across an interesting article the other day (Does Your CEO Really Get Data Security?) that was raising a controversial point on the relative importance of information security functions for today’s organizations. It starts of by making a good argument that awareness of information security risks at senior leadership levels is crucial but unfortunately […]

BSidesLondon 2012 – The Feedback

More than two months passed since BSidesLondon 2012 attracted a crowd of over 300 participants, volunteers, speaker, press and sponsors; high time to go through the feedback forms many of you dropped of in exchange for one of the Yubikeys we handed out (as long as stock lasted). Thanks to everyone who took the time […]

Typosquatting and Doppelganger domains

A whitepaper released earlier this week by GodaiGroup’s Garrett Gee & Peter Kim investigates issues around domain name similarities and typos. I do recommend the read as the paper contains noteworthy information but I believe that most InfoSec professionals will find the facts and takeaways rather boring. It has been topic of discussions and presentations at security events […]