Chief Financial Officer – the CISO’s best friend (or why it should be)

I came across an interesting article the other day (Does Your CEO Really Get Data Security?) that was raising a controversial point on the relative importance of information security functions for today’s organizations. It starts of by making a good argument that awareness of information security risks at senior leadership levels is crucial but unfortunately […]

Data breaches & log management: A lawyers view

I stumbled upon an interesting article on the ReedSmith blog with the title “Log File Management & Retention Programs: Put the Systems in Place to Turn Static Logs into Active Real-Time Intelligence“. The author is summarizing reasons why (if i may add – correctly implemented) log management and retention is one of the things organisations […]

Typosquatting and Doppelganger domains

A whitepaper released earlier this week by GodaiGroup’s Garrett Gee & Peter Kim investigates issues around domain name similarities and typos. I do recommend the read as the paper contains noteworthy information but I believe that most InfoSec professionals will find the facts and takeaways rather boring. It has been topic of discussions and presentations at security events […]