Security Awareness training vs. Media hype

Security awareness training is an interesting topic; the importance to educate your security challenged employees or family members is generally undisputed but yet there are intense debates whether security awareness training makes any difference and/or is worth the effort put behind it. And it is somewhat discouraging if even industry bigwigs like Schneier and Ranum […]

VMWare Hacking Uncovered

As I’ve mentioned earlier this year i was looking at specialized virtualization security training options aiming to attend one or more throughout the year. Fortunately i was not only able to find a course close to me, i also managed to convince my boss to fund the training (thanks boss). Originally my favourite was SANS […]

CSA CCSK, what to expect?

I was planning on doing the CloudSecurityAlliance “Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge” for a few weeks  now (from the day when they announced it to be more precise) and was looking around for some more information as to what i can expect during the certification process. Unfortunately the usual search engine investigation didn’t turn up […]

‘The Thing That Should Not Be’ – MBA effect in Information Security?

Title inspired by ‘Metallica’ As i’m listening to the Harvard Business Ideacast (and the lovely voice of Sarah Green) while also reading my usual feeds i remember a particularly interesting show which broadcasted early 2009. Triggered by his article “America’s monumental failure of management” Prof. Mintzberg was on the show to discuss the possible impact of the […]