IOSCO study – Cyber-crime, securities markets and systemic risk

Earlier this month the IOSCO Research Department and World Federation of Exchanges released a rather interesting working paper on the potentially systemic risk of cyber crime in securities markets. The full paper is available at  The report explores the evolving nature of cyber-crime in securities markets and the threat it poses to the fair and […]

Security and threat intelligence reports

Vendor released security intelligence reports are a double-edged sword; on one hand they are (usually) provided at no cost, on the other hand they tend to have a reputation to carry a bias towards the business focus of the vendor releasing the report. Personally i think many of the reports are of considerable quality and […]

Security Awareness training vs. Media hype

Security awareness training is an interesting topic; the importance to educate your security challenged employees or family members is generally undisputed but yet there are intense debates whether security awareness training makes any difference and/or is worth the effort put behind it. And it is somewhat discouraging if even industry bigwigs like Schneier and Ranum […]